Sports Enhancement

Transform Yourself to the Next Level

With the Competitive environment of Youth Sports these days, serious injuries, overuse and overtraining injuries are occuring more frequently at younger ages. Agility Physical Therapy and Wellness has a program which will improve your Athletic Skills, Speed, and Power while learning techniques from a Physical Therapist to prevent injuries. We also use the Vertimax system which will give you the extra edge to give you the power when jumping, swinging, or running.

A successful athlete must possess strength, speed, agility, flexibility, coordination and power. Our sports enhancement program is designed to improve each of these performance skills through individualized evaluation and progressed exercises instruction.

How does Agility's sports performance enhancement program work?

Every athlete will begin with a comprehensive evaluation of their medical history, posture, strength, range of motion, flexibility, and screening of functional movement. We also assess each athletes potential for increased risk of injury (such
as ACL tears) and then implement appropriate modifications.
medical history, posture, strength, range of motion.

Some of the items we will focus and utilize:
Corrective Exercises
Core Stability/Strength training
Acceleration/Deceleration techniques
Proper Cutting Techniques
Jumping/Landing Form
TRX suspension systems
Multiplane functional speed and Agility Ladder
Free weights
Proper Nutrition