Sciatica: Can Physical Therapy Help?

Do you have numbness down your leg or have pain radiating down to your heel?

These are symptoms that can come from the diagnosis of “Sciatica”.   Sciatica stems from a neurological problem in the back or an entrapped nerve in the pelvis or buttock.  Other symptoms that you may experience is muscle weakness, issues with  walking,  and sensation changes.   You may have some or all of these symptoms and the symptoms may come and go or be continuous.  Sciatica can arise from back conditions such as spinal stenosis, spondylosis, nerve entrapment, degenerative disc disease, and herniated discs.

Physical Therapy is conservative approach to treat the conditions, through a variety of techniques.  Through a thorough evaluation and subjective conversation,  the Physical Therapist will come up with a program that will regain motion, reduce symptoms, and teach your self management techniques.  Not one program is appropriate for all patients because the Sciatica can be brought on by different conditions.

Physical Therapy may include modalities such as heat or electrical stimulation, manual therapy to increase mobility and reduce pain,  stretching of the sciatic nerve and muscles, and exercises to build the core and spine muscles to support the spine.    Our therapist at Agility Physical Therapy are well versed in treating Sciatica, and will perform an evaluation which will gives us the key to your specific treatment.

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