Spinal Rehabilitation

blog-image2Back and neck pain are very common. In fact, injuries to the spine are the most common conditions we treat. Do not let back problems limit your lifestyle. Most of these problems respond well to the right kind of treatment.

Common Spine Conditions Treated

• Chronic neck, upper back and lower back pain and stiffness

• Sacroiliac dysfunction

• Disc pathology/injury with or without radiating symptoms into the arms or legs. This     includes herniated and degenerative discs

• Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation

• Stenosis, spondylolisthesis and scoliosis

• Whiplash

• Spine-related sports or work injuries

Spine Treatment Plans

A treatment program is developed based on an hour long history and examination. Hands on techniques and exercise programs restore motion and strength to give you confidence to move freely and prevent re-injury. There are specific approaches used depending on your diagnosis.